CJ Werleman

"When it comes to religion CJ Werleman has a monopoly on funny. Unafraid to venture where most are too afraid to laugh" -Bookshaker


\"\\"GOD\"God Hates You. Hate Him Back makes the ultimate case for the claim that the God of the Bible is the most wicked character in the pages of history. With a wit as dry as a martini, and the cross-examination techniques of a seasoned lawyer, CJ Werleman lays out all sixty-six chapters of the Bible to present an irrefutable argument that indeed God hates us all.

If you have never read or never fully understood the Bible, you will do no better than this unique, comedic, 21st Century summary of the greatest story ever sold, or in Werleman\'s own words \"never read.\"

His acid wit and delightfully humorous analysis of Biblical testament will have your neck cramping from continuously nodding in agreement. He meticulously scrutinises the Bible, chapter by thrilling chapter, articulating the many contradictions and indeed misconceptions that the religious conveniently overlook.

God Hates You. Hate Him Back provides you with an arsenal of Biblical facts, stories, mythology and assertions to ensure you victory in your next religious debate.