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CJ Werleman is a journalist, published author, political commentator, and  activist who has dedicated his journalism career to exposing  discrimination and injustices against Muslim communities around the world. Insights the mainstream media too often ignores.

From Palestine to Kashmir; from Burma to Syria; from India to China; from refugee camps in Europe to those in the South Pacific; Muslims are either occupied, oppressed, bombed, or vilified. 

That said - CJ is widely credited with being one of the first journalists to expose details of China's persecution of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang; one of the first to brink the world's attention to Myanmar's renewed ethnic cleansing campaign against Rohingya Muslims in 2016; and he was one of the first to reveal the extent of Ethiopian government attacks on ethnic Somali Muslims in Ogaden.

Having published more than 400 articles for various international news publications, and produced more than 100 podcast episodes, he has shined a light where there was previously none - in raising awareness for persecuted and repressed Muslims in Kashmir, India, Syria, Palestine, and throughout the Western world.

CJ has shared his stories and investigations with an array of international cable news programs, including CNN International, BBC News, Sky Channel, TRT World, Al Jazeera, Indus News, and others.

As has become the norm, however, crimes and injustices carried out against Muslims are too often overlooked by the Western media, while crimes carried out by Muslims are exaggerated and over-represented in the media by 449% (LexusNexus Academic, 2017).

Wherever you look, the mainstream Western media sympathies with those who  oppress Muslim majority nation states and communities. These sympathies  provide the political cover for anti-Muslim discrimination and injustice. For instance, the media's sympathetic stance towards Israel's  brutal military occupation and apartheid provides the political space  for the US to continue underwriting Israel's international law and human  rights violations; political cover for India's violence against Muslims  in Kashmir; while anti-Muslim tropes and stereotypes disseminated  unchallenged into the media serve to only encourage hate crimes and  discriminatory government policy against Muslims in the West.

It's journalism's responsibility to reveal these injustices. Sadly, however, criticism of Israeli policy and advocacy for Muslim civil rights has long  been considered a career killer in the US, and thus far too many journalists choose to turn a blind eye to these crimes in order to maintain their access and profile. 

CJ, however, refuses to trade justice for personal or career advancement.

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